10 Exotic Vacation Spots


Making a list of the top 10 exotic vacation spots around the world would not be a wise thing, because people will want to visit places that not only use the term “exotic” in their names but somewhere in the hearts of their hearts they really believe that exotic places exist only around the corner.

It is a sad thing, but I have to agree with that statement. There are places around the world that when you get there, you realize that you have ventured far from the beaten path and have entered a new area of the world.

I have made a list of 10 places around the world that should be on your exotic vacation list. Not because they are exotic, but because I believe they are places you have never heard of before. And with the exotic holidays come exotic places and exotic people. Check out my website for more blogs and analysis like this: https://www.spa-clearfield-eyelash.com/massage-clearfield-utah.html

1. Fiji in the South Pacific. Can you believe that? You can tour a lagoon and view dolphins that the world has only seen on television shows. Dolphin watching is very popular worldwide. Fiji is also a visual feast.
You can visit Fiji’s beautiful beaches and pristine coral reefs, and there are cruise ships to take you. There are a lot of beautiful cruise ships that give tourists a unique chance to experience Fiji Island.

2. Belize in Central America. It is near Central America in Mexico. The jungle scenery is absolutely spectacular. Belize City is a single of the largest cosmopolitan cities in the world, with over half a million citizens. The Sam Godzrich Tropical Botanical Garden, meats made of Caviar, is a world-class research and educational facility, and the Sierra Maestra Resort and Spa is magnificent.
The Sierra Maestra has fifteen elegant en suite luxury suites, whirlpools, and balconies, en suite bathroom, with a light showing in the pools, and on the rooftop, you can enjoy the breathtaking night view of Belize City. Honeymoon getaways, romantic getaways, or family trips to Belize’s Belize Village should definitely be on the list of itineraries to plan and research.

3. Colombia – Heading to Colombia? The South American country is a mere 2,000 miles south of the United States. It has an incredible untouched rainforest, the Kuna Yala National Park, and the stunning beaches of Boquete. Because of this, it is a really worth and more recommended destination for nature lovers and a great place to visit especially if you have a lot of time on your hands.

4. Nepal – Another destination within the South American region is Nepal. The tourism industry has taken hold, and trekking is in high demand. If you are one of those many travelers who fly into Nepal for a relaxing trek to the Nepalese Valley, there are plenty of companies in the country to choose from. This includes reputable organizations like Himalayan Expeditions andoricallydez trekking.

5. Russia – Russia is one of the best places to visit and has the largest number of glaciers in the world. There are plenty of cultural and historical experiences to be had, and the food is amazing.

6. Canada – I am sure that you have heard of this fair city, so I’ll include it in this list. Winter is not the best time to visit Canada unless you like snow. However, skiing in Quebec Province is out of this world. More than 25 million Americans visit Canada each year. The Torngats, Acadians, and Mi’kmaq natives are well respected worldwide. There are over 10 different ethnic groups in Canada, each having its own culture and dialect.

7. Australia – Have you ever seen a map of Australia? I have and it is a wonder too. The thing is huge, the people are really friendly, diverse in their appearance and cultures. Not to mention the Aboriginals running around with their funny mustaches and the Aussies are just so cool.

8. Thailand – I am sure that you have heard of this country and if you haven’t, it is definitely worth visiting. The world-class food, especially the seafood, and the welcoming hospitality of the Thai people, will amaze you.

9. Costa Rica – Central America’s favorite hot spot has more than one amazing place to visit. The place is called “La Akonja” and is a magical part of the world. The lagoon is the leading edge of the ecological civilization in the world and is an amazing place to spend a vacation.

10. Croatia – If you are looking for a more exotic place to spend your vacation, Croatia is the place to be.