The Stories of JFK PREP, Fact or Fiction ?
The School
"A catholic school/sanitarium where the nuns used to hit and torture the boys. It was said that a nun hung herself there and that
you can hear the voices of little boy at night. There's a church by it and a graveyard where the nuns are buried."

The Society of the Divine Savior
"The US headquarters for a catholic mystic cult which was forced to flee Germany in the 19th century because of its secret
practices. Hotbed of pedophilia, closeted homosexual love triangles, suicide, fraud, incest, and even exorcism. Father Oswald
kept in a crypt on the grounds, with his followers buried infront of his crypt. Their graves are alternately sinking and raising.
Oswald is known to wonder the forested perimeter of Lake Oswald on a white horse. His followers wonder the grounds moaning.
The decayed buildings are said to be haunted by the screams of the tortured souls who've spent time there. Locals uneasily
mummer about the "wrath of Oswald" and his fury with the town folk who abandoned him."

Facts and History
-Founded by Father Francis Jordan on December 8th of  1881, it was first known as the Apostolic Teaching Society.
-In the early 1890s the priests and brothers group was renamed Society of the Divine Savior. The sisters congregation became
the Sisters of the Divine Savior.
-In 1892 Jordan sent the Salvatorians to the United States. They established their first permanent institution in Wisconsin,
where they took on the job of pastoring a community of men and women that had moved "en mass" from their village in
Germany to escape the oppression of Bismarck.
-A short lived orphan asylum for girls and a hospital were built, but no longer existed by the turn of the century.
-In 1909 the college was opened with nine students, it opened as a college and a minor seminary for the Salvatorian order until
it closed in the mid 1960s.
-In the 1970s the school reopened as JFK Prep Academy, it closed in the early 1980 and has been sitting abandoned since.
-At one time gangs from Chicago occupied the buildings, the cops kicked them out after a man was almost beaten to death when
he want there to get one of his kids.
-As of 2004, all of the buildings are privately owned and undergoing restoration.

You've seen the stories and some of the facts, so Ill break it down for you.
The school (JFK PREP - Salvatorian Seminary). A seminary is a training college for presthood or ministry, so it's unlikely that
children (boys_ went there for schooling. I also doubt that nuns would have taught about priesthood, it would more than likely
have been a priest that would be teaching, so that rules out the nun that hung herself there.
Another story was that when it was a prep school (JFK Prep) in the 1970s a girl student hung herself there, now thats something
thats a little more believable.
Also I saw nothing that would have hinted as it being a sanitarium, unless they meant the orphan asylum.
Yes there is a crypt with the followers buried in front of it, but none were nuns, it was brothers and fathers, that more than likely
went to the school to be priests or brothers. All of the graves are the same level so they dont raise or sink, Im sure someone went
up there high and thought the stones were moving and with all the writings of drugs in the school Im sure that how this story
came about. As for everything else thats side to have happened there, Im sure most if not all of it is BS.
The Infiltration and Exploration
This has to be the best abandoned building in Wisconsin that I have found so far. With 7 large buildings a nice sized steam
tunnel system and a good number of bullshit stories to go with it. Although badly vandalized it still is a very interesting place.
My fun here started as a day at the races, but I got pulled over by a cop and was to late for registration and couldn't race, so this
little beauty you see here was my backup if I missed the race. Once I drove through the front gate I was like a little kid in a candy
store jumping up and down with eyes opened as far as the would go, I never saw anything so wonderful in my life.
Most of the windows in the school were broken, either from people throwing rocks at them or throwing anything they could
break off the building out the windows. Once inside we were greeted by a staircase covered in asbestos, so we made sure to
kick up a ton of dust to make sure we filled our lungs with it, because who wants to live forever ? Most of the building was very
badly vandalized, but after all what can you expect when there's only 5 windows that are not broken in the whole school.
After moving on to the basement and tripping over a heating duct that fell from the ceiling, I was getting complaints of people
wanting to go back because they couldn't see, I was the only one to think far enough to bring a flashlight, go figure.
Well to make things short we headed out of the school and moved on. The church has to be the best building there, It'll be a sad
day when it falls, that is unless the roof gets fixed. The old dorm was worth the time as was the boiler building, but toping the list
would be the tunnel systems, along with the tunnel that I found that led to the other buildings, it looked like I was the only person
in there since the 1950s when the boiler was last used. The new dorm was very 1960s and not all that interesting, as with the
garage and printing building.
Im just too lazy to write about every building so I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. Iv been to the prep several time and
spent many hours there and I still didn't cover everything, saw most of it but not all.
Due to the amount of pictures each building has its own
picture page, most have text with them.
Just click on the picture of the building you want to go to.
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